Is Your AC System Outdated?

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An air conditioning installation is needed to get through the brutal Mims and Titusville, FL summer. When your AC unit stops working, don't break a sweat. Dave Reynolds Air conditioning & Heating offers fast and affordable air conditioning installation services.

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5 signs it's time to replace your AC unit

5 signs it's time to replace your AC unit

Don't know if you need to get a new air conditioning system? Here are five common signs it's time to replace your system:

  1. Age. After 10 years, your AC system will start to decline.
  2. Dust. Leaks in the AC ductwork can cause dust buildup.
  3. Maintenance. An increase in repairs indicates that your AC system is failing.
  4. Cost. If your bills go up month after month without any change in the way you use your AC system, you need a replacement.
  5. Noise. When your AC system is too small for your Mims and Titusville, FL property size, it will make strange noises.

If you've seen any of these indications, schedule HVAC services with us right away. Our air conditioning installation technicians will have an energy-efficient system installed in your home in no time.